Tuesday, August 2, 2011

List Changes and Unit reviews

So my list from the pre-Ard Boyz is as follows.  This is with out details for ease of use.

GM w/ psycannon
10x Purifiers w/ 4 psycannons
-both the above riding in a LR Crusader w/ multimelta
2x 5 GKSS w/psycannon in a HB Razorback
2x 5 Interceptors w/ Incinerator and hammer
Libby with Hammer & 3 powers
10x Termies w/ 2 psycannon and hammer (THRAWN!!)
2 Rifleman Dreads

New list will consist of-
Mordrak and 5 ghost knights w hammers
Libby w/ hammer and 5 powers teleport homer
10x Termies w/ 2 psycannon and hammer (THRAWN!!)
2x 5 Purifiers w/ 2 psycannon in HB razorback
5 GKSS w/ 1 psycannon in HB Razorback
2x 5 Interceptors with hammer and incinerator
2x Rifleman Dreads with psybolts

This is an alpha-strike list.  Pure and simple.

Here's the plan-
Mordrak with Libby and ghost knights jump into range of the enemy and terrain with cover.  Since Mordrak counts as a unit upgrade and not an IC he can carry the Libby too.  Use Grand Strategy to give interceptors scout for the free move and 30 inch threat range.  Jump in with Mo and Co., rush with the interceptors as real threats.  Suddenly the enemy has 5 very real threats, Mo&Co, 2 interceptor squads, 2 dreads firing from backfield.  This along with 3 razorbacks roaming the field should give most players some problems.

The problem that I have run into has been multiple hulls or target saturation.  Multiple hulls being the primary problem I have been in.  This brings the possibility of striking 2 hulls in the shooting with dreads and 2 in assault turn 1 at a minimum.  If they chose to fire on Mo & Co a 2+ cover (stealth + shrouding) will be keeping them alive a while.  Possibly generating a couple more knights from anything not str 8 or better.  Turn 2 Libby summons the termies and it gets really ugly.  Turn 3 if he's still there Libby summons the loose GKSS for additional scoring if needed.

Should be fun.  Now I just have to wait for my 5 new hammers to arrive in the mail to build them.

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