Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pre-'Ard boyz Touney results

Well what a sad day for me.  1-2-0    Piss poor planning prevent performance.

There are some serious mistakes and lessons learned from this event.

#1 - Now this is just embarrassing...never leave parts of your models at home.  This is bad.  Namely the turrets for your razorbacks, and additional weapons for Land Raiders.You just look silly with a borrowed Dreadnought melta arm sitting on top of you land raider.  I am sure you can imagine it. 

#2 - Grandmaster and Land Raider - 500 points wasted.  In "Ard Boyz that is too much.  Just the Land Raider itself was the primary waste.  Blown up or wrecked in the first turn in 2 of 3 games.  The third game it got parked in turn 2 and sat there and shot for the rest of the game.    Too high of a point cost for so little effect. 

#3 - Grand Master - primary use...Grand Strategy.  This power is so very versatile and useful.  Need to take 5 objectives?  Have a rifleman dread sit at home base scoring while the purifiers run out for the far one.  Need to get that first turn alpha strike off?  Scout the interceptors, suddenly they have a 30" from deployment threat range.  Going to be recieving a lot of charges to shake you off that single objective?  Counter Attack is wonderful for those termies with a banner and libby attached.  This power alone makes me look at Grand masters as a useful part of my army.

#4 - Learn the codex's of your opponents.  Know your enemy.  ignore that paper airplane of the Dark Eldar, yes that little one, no really go ahead and ignore it....see what it just dropped off in you deployment zone....yes they can walk out of that thing.  Bugger.

#5 THRAWN!!  He rocks my socks....when I remember he's in the game.  When I forget for half the game its a problem.

Anyways... I played, as is evidenced above, a Dark Eldar player.  Who made great use of a webway portal carried by a haemonunculus carried in a Venom.  2 of them with a pair of pain engine things.  He tabled me.  Fuck, there goes winning anything in this tournament.

Second game - Mech-dar.  Low model count and great rolling.  I table him, but there were some hairy moments in there.   Once again proving to me that Swooping Hawks are the worst unit in the game.  Once upon a time I played with them and they saw the table 2 times.  Both times they landed pooped and died to little effect.

Third Game - Victory Points against....IG 2 chimera, 4 russes, 2 basilisks and vets...etc.  Crap.  Once again Grey knights prove to have a hard time against massed hulls.  He nearly tables me but a parked Land Raider and a pair of Dread keep him to a minor victory. 

Overall I finished like 8 out of the 10 folks that showed up.  Really! I fail at this game!  At least today.  But the purpose is for fun and I had a blast playing. Played the last 2 games against people who I really enjoy playing against. 

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