Monday, July 25, 2011

Some game results and 'Ard Boys planning

So...the time is upon us.  'Ard Boyz.  2500pts of in your face balls out killing.  Big prizes and WAAC players to boot.  I'm in.  But first there are some thing to go over.

RL info- Vacation was great thanks.  I highly recommend coastal Florida for a nice vacation.

Game Results - For 6 games played on my vacation I am 3-2-1.  Beat Thousand Sons, Necrons, Sisters w allied Marines, lost to Demons (I know....really) and IG gun line, tied Chaos Marines.

The tie was a 2 objective game where we basically swapped objectives.  Fun 1500pts against an entertaining opponent.

Losses against the gun line (11 hulls on the table) was inevitable.  Gk at 1500 pts doen't have the penetration to deal with that much AV.  We can do some high AV kills at range but not that many.  Up close it is a different story.  Demons...what can I say...1500 pts again and he brought a blood thirster.  I didn't bring any anti-demonic gift powers and he rolled like a millionaire.  This game was educational though as we both nearly tabled each other but he won by a single kill point thanks to a Rhino.

Wins - Necron monoliths are a problem.  Only the hammer did anything worth while.  Thousand Sons - fluff army but fun and pretty (he paints Golden Demon nominees), Sisters- target priority really helped here. 

As for unit results - Interceptors still continue to please me but I am going to switch out the incinerator for a psycannon.  It is more reliable for can opening.

Purifiers - meh...worth the points but they haven't proven to be anything special.

Terminators - aswesome.  2 psycannons, hammer, banner and the rest with halberds - simply awesome.  They won the game for me in a couple of spots.  With an attached Libby they can eat a unit or two a turn.  They are highly durable, even under concentrated firepower they keep rolling for a long time.  But we already knew that didn't we?

'Ard Boyz Lists - to GM or not?  This is the question.  Do I get super competitive and really go at my list with razors or do I want to play a more fun list?  I have a week to finalize a practice list.  We can see if the Gm will be worth it then.

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