Monday, June 13, 2011

Battle Report - 3000pts GK vs. SM (dressed as Dark Angels) - part 1

Yesterday was a fun day.  First came a large game (talked about here) and then part 2 will be in the next post.

So my buddy Stu and I met up at the new LGS (new to me at least) which has a much better vibe and overall better general game store goodness.

Here's the problem, I forgot to bring batteries for my camera and also when I went to take pictures it was already into the first turn.  Cest la vie!  Out comes the phone and snaps happen.  Anyways, onto the lists.

I'm running nearly every model I own.  Which breaks down into the following...

GM w/psycannon & halb
Libby w/ Hammer (Shrouding, Sanctuary, MoT)
2x 10xGKSS w/ 2 psycannon, 7 halb
10x  termies w/ banner, 2 psycannon, halbs, & Thrawn
Calidus Assassin (more on her and her nerf bat later)
5x Purifiers w/ 2 incinerators in rhino
6x paladins with 3 halb, 3 swords, 2 incinerators, apothecary, and MC variety for wound allocation shennanigans
Land Raider (standard pattern) w/ multimelta and HK missile
2x Riflemen Dreads w/ psybolts
5x interceptor with hammer, incinerator

Stu is running and experimental Vanilla Marine set dressed as Dark Angels (he's in process of converting lots of ebay goodies to be dark angels)

Command Squad with chapter master, and retinue
Master of the Forge
4 10x tactical squads 2 with plasma cannons, 1 las gun, 1 heavy bolter, all with plasma pistols and melta
2 10x termie squads w/ 2 assault cannons each
Ven Dread with Assault cannon DCCW
Land Raider Crusader
2 Dreads with TL Las and DCCW

We set up on a standard 4x6 with 4 large 10-12"x14-18" busted buildings (one in each quadrant) and some other smaller bits of terrain.  Nice destroyed urban foot slog.  Sadly my pic of the terrain is jacked due to dead camera batteries.  But you can see the bits in the later pics.

Anyways we roll for mish and get spearhead:annihilation.  Works for both of us and he gets first turn.

He sets up with the las squad and heavy bolter in his building with a tactical squad and termie squad flanking it.  The command squad and LR go behind to the left and right respe3ctively.  The three dreads go up front on the front face of the building.

My deployment... reserve the 2 GKSS for deepstrike in later with GM assist. With no objectives and just kill points up, no worries about expending them for something more meaningful (bad plan but it works out in the end, you will see how later).  My GM goes up atirs in a window in my building for psycannon harassment of those dreads and whatever else wanders into mid field.  Dreads go into the pack corners away from him to save them from being shot at.  LR gets set up on the forward line with the paladins in it, l n the same side as his LR.  Termies w/ libby attached get Scout from GM an infil up into the building near his side.  Rhino w/ purifiers gets parked behind the building for cover.  Interceptors go in the building ready to jump out for first turn fun.

Turn 1... he moves forward and proceeds to shoot the crap out of my termies  and LR.  LR looses a las cannon sponson and is shaken.  Termies, despite 4+ cover and 2+/5+   lose 5 basic halberdiers (lame!), and of course Thrawn but are other wise okay.  Then its my turn...LR moves up to block his LR advance and bottle neck his mass of bodies for easier duck shooting.  Dreads advance to the corners of the building for cover saves and the Rhino shoots north pooping out smoke as she goes.  Shooting has the GM wrecking a Dread, another is exploded by a rifleman, and the Ven dread gets disarmed despite rerolls by my other dread (love the rifleman dreads as fire support!).   My termies move forward gettting the psycannons up to a shooting point and realatively do squat, Thrawn dissappoints by laying down on the job.
Here we see the Ven dread (old metal red one) center stage.  Sorry about the blur, I'm bad at photo snapping.  My LR in the bottom left and the corner of his on the left.

You can see my interceptors with their unlucky deepstrike scatter.   I tried to jump them into his building to lay the smack down on his clustered troops with the incinerator, but scattered 10" out directly into line of fire for his LR.  Speed bump here we come.

Turn 2 - He advances more, shooting a bunch at the LR and more death to the termies.  Speedbump wilts to Plasma and LR fire.  All that is left of the termie blob is the Libby a Psycannon wielder and a normal halberdier. 

---Hmm Real Life intrudes....more tomorrow--

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