Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Callidus Assassin - reciever of the New 'Dex Nerf Bat Award

This is GW's pic of their Callidus.  I can't paint this good.
So, once upon a time the Callidus Assassin's Polymorphine looked like...
"Polymorphine: The Callidus Assassin is always placed in reserve, even in missions which do not normally use the Reserves rule. When she becomes available, she may be placed anywhere on the battlefield, and can move and fight normally in the turn she arrives."

Now she just deepstrikes to within 3" of her target with no scatter.  This greatly removes one of her biggest advantages....assaulting on the turn she hit the board.  The trade for what is effectively a bombing run against a unit upon hitting the table is nice but is it really worth it?

I ask this as I have the model, which I painted to be Deadpool-esque.  I used to love using her to foul the other payer's deployment with the "a Word in Your Ear" rule and then general harassment until she got shot off the board a turn or two later.  Great to draw off a unit or two from the opponent and or strike hard at a hard unit for a a couple of guaranteed dead enemy heavies.  The C'Tan sword with no saves and a high init often would be good for a clean kill on a HQ in base to base.  I have used her to great effect against many named characters, draining that 200pt HQ down a few notches and maybe even killing him.

But these days, she is at best a speed bump.  She drops in, splatters a few dudes with her grenade, hits them with the shredder (which is still awesome) and stands there to get swatted.  145 points for a one use model is too much.  It is possible to infiltrate and move her in on foot, shredding and then assaulting.  But this trades for the polymorphine bomb.

Is it really worth it?  I do not think so.

So I award her with a Nerf Bat.  Only to be used in games where I have no reason not to throw 145 points at the wind.

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