Friday, June 24, 2011


Burn the heretics!

Incinerator Termies
Incinerators are the extra special flamer of the Inquisitorial sects of the Empire.  The new GK codex has them as Str 6 AP4 Template Assault Weapons.  We all know that template weapons ignore cover.  The old Daemonhunters Codex had the Incinerator as a Str 5 but ignored Invul saves also.  Which was great for Eldar psyker hunting, I was on the receiving end of that stick a few times.
Metal Incinerator with attempts at designating as a Purifier

Interceptor with Incinerator

These days though the "wounds nearly anything on 2+", "penetrates soft vehicles" qualities of STR 6 make this weapon just as fun. 

There are a few fun tactics that the unique capabilities of Grey Knights (interceptors in particular) makes for some excellent tactics not available to other armies.

I hope everyone knows about basic template/flamer placement tactics.  Things like using your own figures to alter the required placement to one side or the other to hit more than one target unit, tank shocking infantry to line them up for roasting.   These are not the tactics I am talking about.  

What I am talking about is using the Interceptor's shunt movement to gain prime broiling position from 30" away.   Being able to threaten any blob of troops from half way across the board can really alter how a game plays.  I have used the interceptors with a pair of them combat squadded out to be in a single set of 5 with the other 5 having a hammer or 2.  Using them this way you can spread the love out over a large area. 

Timing things correctly you may be able to-
1.  Open a transport, collecting the juicy bits inside in a small area
2.  Jump over on the following turn, while they huddle in the wreckage (pinned or using it as cover) and flambe them!
3.  Rinse and repeat.

The Dreadknigit's heavy incinerator has an even larger threat range with the 12-30" move plus up to 12" distance you can place the small end.  Which can be fun for shooting around corners at troops lined up on a wall for cover/concealment.  Sadly I have no pic of a Dreadknight as I have not had the coinage to rub together to get one.

Another trick I have used is in combination with a Libby with Teleport Homer and Summoning psychic power.  Call the incinerator armed troops to you from across the board and let the fun begin.  I find that summoning a Land Raider full of paladins kitted for assault with a pair of incinerators will wreck an opponents day.  I have to try this with a redeemer some day.

Anyways....its an extra strong flamer.  But can Vanilla marines really use it from 30" away?

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