Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Battle Report - 3000pts GK vs. SM (dressed as Dark Angels) - part 2

At the top of this pic we see the building my termie blob is getting shot out of, the purifiers cadillac (with an extra marker for smoke).  in the bottom we see my GM and one of my dreads in a building they are using for cover at the opening of turn 2.  The right edge of the pic is effectively the right board edge.

2nd half of Turn 2-
Thrawn gets up, but fails at doing much else.  He ends up just hanging out in the building for the rest of the game as I forget about him in turn 3 and Turn 4 he's too far away to do anything.  My Deadpool themed Callidus and her nerf bat come in on the left to harass and slow down that side.  She drops the polymorphine and neural disruptor on a tact squad killing about half.  Then due to the new codex....sits there to die.  My Raider moves forward and drops off the paladins, but is otherwise largely ineffective.  The paladins get out in the center of the table and flame the building 2 of his tactical squads are holed up in, then assault into it, wiping one squad and consolidating into cover.  Termies move forward without any motivation due to difficult terrain and buildings.

Turn 3 - We have his 2 termie blobs moving forward firing on my paladins to little effect, wound allocation shennigans with FNP really make these guys survivable.  His disarmed ven dread moves to meet his Master of the Forge for some fixing (which doesn't end up working anyways).  His LR backs up and eradicates my Assassin and fires melta ineffectually at my Raider.    His tact squad and command group fire into my termies but Shrouding and cover save the day there.

Here we see his 2 termie blobs about to assault my paladins.  His las cannon squad in its vantage point.  Before the assault I had lost no paladins.
After the assault I lost 1 paladin and he lost 2 termies and failed leadership on both sets of termies...funny stuff there....20 vs. 6 and 6 win by sheer luck of leadership rolls.  I think he rolled 11 both times for them.

Here is the left side - My assassin about to be eaten by massed bolter fire.  From the LR and the tactical squad.  He meltas my LR wrecking it.

My turn 3 is fun.  Both of my GKSS squads come in one on the left and one on the right, both hit on target and end up being simple speed bumps.  The Libby and termie advance out of the building to get into it with his command and tact squad on the right top.  Paladins move to get into it with his las cannon squad.  Purifiers get out of their metal box to mix it up with his termie blob to the top center.

Deepstriking 10 GKSS isn't the best plan, should have known better but oh well they did fine.

Shooting goes well for most.  Purifiers end up being unable to do much to the termies.  GKSS whittle away at their respective targets.  Paladins flame and assault the las cannon squad reducing them to 3 remaining but are unable to route them (unlike the termies earlier - ironic).  Dreads and GM whittle his termies in the center and finish off his ven dread.

Turn 4 - the final turn
We almost don't even start this turn due to time but the shop was staying open late.  Its nice to have a good LGS now.  To the right you see his termies and tact squad remainders on the left.    The termies and tact squad will wipe away this GKSS set in a moment.

Just like they do on the other side.  But on the right side they have help from the command squad also.  On this side the funny part is that a single halberdier remains after shooting and he assaults him with his Master of the Forge, only the MoF though.  The lone halberdier kills the MoF on I6 with the power weapon then force weapon activates for the final wound.

Here you see the pain aimed at this last GKSS Blob.
Which wipes them.

In the assault on this side the paladins finish off his las cannon squad.

Sadly that is the last picture.  It is a near forlorn hope that has a little bit of silver lining as I have little left with which to challenge his termie blobs.  But! and it is a big butt, which I cannot deny (ha!). I do have a few tricks left.

Final segment of the game has a few moves left for me.  The GM and Dreads advance some for LoS and shooting.  Libby advances on his command squad and my paladins move out of the building to his larger/closer termie blob on the left.  Shooting see the incineration of his termies, softening them and the use of Warp Rift on his command squad.  Mighty Mighty warp rift and crap rolling on Stu's part.  All that remains of his command squad after shooting and the warp rift is a lone banner carrier, who passes leadership and recieves an assault.  The dreads and GM shoot up his termies on the center and do little.  Paladins multi-assault the termie blob and the hammer jumps on his Crusader.  His termies lose 2 and the LRC explodes gloriously.  Libby assaults and smashes the banner carrier.

He cedes the game as I have more kill points left and the bulk of his forces are at less than half.

All in all fun game.    Analysis later.

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