Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1176 Tourney game 2 - Newcrons!

So carrying on from the previous post where I took apart a basic Tyranid army we move to game #2 with a Newcron army.

Now, understand that its the day after the new 'dex dropped and he is using the new rules.  I on the other hand am only barely tracking that the new rules exist.  So it was a very educational game for me.

He's running something resembling the below list.
-C'Tan Shard with 2 powers Grand Illusion and something else
-1x 5x warriors
-1x 10x warriors
-3x heavy destroyers
-Necron Lord with a destroyer body
-3x wraiths

The set up is 2 objectives with 12" in.  We both place objectives and drop troops on it.  We also set up almost all on the left side of the table.   So its a tight and fast fight.

I get first turn and drop Mordrak and co into the front of his 5x warriors which are screening his destroyers.  I push forward a bit and shoot a bunch.  Killing all but one warrior in the 5x (of course 2 come back), a couple of his destroyers and a wraith.  I also stun his Monolith but that's useless.  His turn, first things first he immobilizes his Monolith by parking it in terrain.  After that the monolith is largely useless as he can't face the door at approaching troops and the particle whip goes away next turn.  He does use it to vaporize some on my strike squad though.  This game is quick and brutal.  He picks away at my gunline of Dreads, Strike squad and purifiers with screening Rhino, while my Interceptors and Mordrak proceed to eat his army.

More so than anything Mordrak was a monster that he could not stop.  End of turn 2 his bubble wrap and 3 wounds were gone so every round of combat with him has me wincing.  Even with him going before me in combats at I2, he destroyed things.  The str 10 hammer with 4/5 attacks decimated his army.  Mordrak ate his wraiths, he ate the C'Tan Shard (well the remaining wound of it anyways), then he ate the warriors on his objective and finally wrecked the monolith. 

The gunline of dreads with psycannon support is nearly unbreakable if used intelligently.  There are a great many ways to possibly break it, as with anything.  Careful target priority choices are a necessity when playing a smaller model count army.

This game also illustrated the power of a GM to me.  Really hammered it in.  Mordrak's 4 wounds and capability to first turn deepstrike can divide or redirect the opponents whole army for a large number of turns.  If placed  carefully he can roll up a flank, destroying as he goes.  I can see attaching him to a bundle of Paladins and being pure unstoppable mess.  As cheesy as that is.    His ghost knight retinue may have a place in my army in the future but there are many other things I like to attach him to for that first turn delivery.

---I will have to add a pic of my version of Mordrak up later.  He's a poor conversion of an old metal Stern Model, but he works good on the table.---

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