Monday, November 7, 2011

I WIN! I WIN! and other inconsequential stuff.

So on Sunday I played in a LGS 1176pt (Standard force org) Tournament.  Not a huge one but most of the local villains, and a few new guys were there for the fun.  We had 2 sets of puppies, eldar, orks, my GK, nids, 2 sets of Newcrons, a marine player and something else I don't remember.

I ended up taking 1st.  Pretty cool.

Scenarios were pretty basic.  4x4 tables with 90 min time limits for fast and heavy fights.  Each had up to 4 Battle point optional bonus things like + 1 BP to kill enemy HQ, or have a unit in other deployment zone that vaired by mission.

Scenario 1 - table quarters annihilate, victory points 537+ difference for Massacre
Scenario 2 - 12" from edge, 2 obj
Scenario 3 - DoW, 4 d3+2 obj (we got 4 total)

My list was a chopped down version of my 'Ard Boyz List.
GM Mordrak w/ 5 termies (5 hammers, 1 psycannon)
5x GKSS (1 psycannon, 3 halb, 1 sword)
5x Purifiers (2 psycannon, 3 swords) in a rhino w/ searchlight
5x Interceptors (3 halb, 1 hammer, 1 incinerator)
2x TLAC Dread w/ psybolts

First game was against the 'Nid player.  Said that this was his first game in a year and he was a good guy.
He ran big maxed out blobs bugs.
20x termagaunts
20x hormagaunts
20x genestealer w/ broodlord
2x 15x harpy
1x trigon
1x hive tyrant w/gun

He puts out his two blobs of gaunts and his tyrant, I deploy holding only Mordrak for that backside punch.  he goes first and runs forward, shooting the tyrant for no good.  I proceed to drop Mordrak and the termies in the back, then shoot his tyrant and termagaunts off the table.  The hormagaunts get smashed by incinerator and Interceptors, but hold with like 9 left.  Turn 2 his trigon comes on in my backfield but is relatively useless as he can't get into combat with me.  His genestealers also come in this turn, and they proceed to eat Mordrak and friends, but loose the broodlord and a couple before finally walking away when the combat rolls back around to me.  I shoot the crap out of Trigon and finish the gaunts, but the big bug still has a wound left.  His turn rolls around again and the Trigon eats a dreadnaught, he pushes the genestealers forward.  I finish the trigon with the other dread and proceed to shoot his stealers off the table.  I regroup and kick off Warpquake to keep the harpies off me.  He tries anyways to drop them up close but mishaps get them far off into the corner where one drops off the table and the other ends up getting shot down as it comes in.

Game 1 - Lessons learned.....
#1 - Use freaking warpquake.  If I had used it consistently I would not have lost that dread, I Could have castled up and simply kept warp quake up and shot the crap out of him the whole time.  If the GKSS are not involved in a combat use quake.
#2 - Mordrak is a badass.

--more later--

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