Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eldar Army Woes

Okay so I'm looking at what I own am am wondering what to expand upon and what to sell to build a nice round force of Eldar.

Current Meta for the Eldar is Fire Dragons in a Serpent, some guardians or Dire Avengers (in or out of a Serpent) to hold objectives.  This is the Core of most Eldar armies these days and that works for me.

But What do I want to put in my HQ slots?

Currently I own Eldrad and another Farseer, with a crew of 6 Warlocks to accompany or spread out otherwise.

Do I want to get into buying different HQ models to possibly use?  An Autarch to ride along and support or even one of the named aspect warriors?

I don't know yet.  Another question that I'm pondering is what else do I need to fill out my army with? 

Anyways... below is a list by model and slot that I currently own
-6x Warlocks
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10x DA w/ Exarch
16x Guardians w/ multiple heavy weapon platforms
9x rangers

18 Striking Scorpions w/ 3 exarchs\
10 Fire Dragons w/ 1 exarch

3x Wraithlords
3x Warwalkers

Fast Attack:
4x Vipers

3x Serpents

I know I need more troops, in assorted flavors.  But what else?  I like the idea of running more than 1 wraithlord and walking that mess across the table.  It is always effective.  3x Warwalkers with scatter lasers is a brutal and effective way to smash troops and light tanks.

Where do I expand and refine though?  I can't and do not want to run that many scorpions any more.  Fast attack choices good but the models I own are all Ebay throwbacks that need some serious work. 

I'm now on for fluff in this game so Lyanden or whatever themed army is out.  I think I need to get some Warp Spiders for entertainment and see how they work out.

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