Monday, November 14, 2011

Space Elves...hmmm

Yes, The Eldar.

My first army, the one where I learned how to lose with grace and take each and every tiny gain and figure taken off the table as a lesson.  Because they are damn hard to play, especially against Space Wolves.  3/4 of the players I learned how to play against played puppies!  I don't know how many times Njal and his pals whooped up on me.

That is until I finally came into some realizations and learned to play the Eldar the right way.  Now it is a few years later and I have played another completely different style of army, in 2 flavors (old and new 'dex).  Grey Kniggits and Eldar cannot be played in the same fashion.

But something has been buggin me since my little tourney win a couple weeks ago.  it was the groans of people playing against me when they saw the 'Knights on the table.  They would say "Aww, not again!  I hate GK" or some such.  GK has become one of the bad armies to play.  One that no one wants to see.

So in an effort to gain more victims and school some folks, I will be digging out the Eldar for a bit.  Expanding that first timer's army of Ebay models and metal Wraith Lords, refining it to a winning strategy and bringing the destruction.

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