Thursday, November 10, 2011

1176 Tourney game 3 - Space Poopies

Yep...Space Wolves  err Puppies err...Poopies!!!

He didn't use Bjorn, but this is a pretty pic anyways.
Final game, he's got something like the following.  Its my old pal Mr. Dave who has been playing since they allowed dirt.  He's always fun to play against and has more armies than there are codexes.

So 1176 GK vs SW is the final game.

 His list resembles....
2 squads of 10 Grey Hunters with 2 melta and a plasma in a metalbawks (rhino)
2 squads of heavy weapons 1 with plasma and the other with a mix of las & missiles
1 speeder
1 Dread with ass-can and CCW

I of course am running what I have been running.  See my first post from the other day.
Its a crowded map with ruined buildings in each quad and one in the center.  DoW deployment with (d3+2) 4 Objectives.  We place objectives asymetrically in the small space allowed for them on the 4x4 board.  I roll a 3 on the Grand Tactics and have the dreads and purifiers act as scoring.

This game was pure blood and smashing wreckage.  They always are against Dave.  He kicked me in the last tournament and every game I have against him  learn something.  He Holds everything off the edge for first turn and I deploy, putting only the GKSS on one objective in cover.  He has first turn and walks everything on.  Rhinos in the center with everything else to the left of those.  His heavy weapon squads go into the building on my left with libby assist.  I move on, dropping Mordrak into the rear with hopes of shutting down his libby and disrupting those heavy squads a bit.  Everything else comes on using the center building to block LOS and keep my lanes open as possible.  The far right objective I get my purifiers aimed at, the dreads are to push for the ones on my side. Interceptors jump to the center and hide for a turn.  Shooting is crap but Mordrak and co do a little damage.  On his turn he pushes the rhinos and speeder forward but turn nearly everything else to kill Mordrak.  Who miraculously survives and proceeds to smash into his ranks of heavy weapons and turn his Librarian into a smear on the carpet, and break his Dread like the plastic toy it is.  Sadly Mordrak does die at the end of turn 3 due to a lucky sergeant's strike.

Anyways while this is happening the rest of the battle is being waged.  The other half is getting ugly.  I open a Rhino with a dread and assault the innards with interceptors (after a fairly useless incinerator moment).  Other dread gets popped while the GKSS get reduced by las and missile fire.

I reduce his skimmer to smoking ruin and eventually it all comes down to my 3 purifiers (who are scoring) sitting on an objective trying to shoot his grey hunters off the other.  Which on the final turn they succeed in not doing.  Its a Tie, his 1 for my 1, we tie in battle points and tally scores.

In the end I will by 6 battle points.  Not much of a margin but a win is a win.  I'll take it.

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