Sunday, May 22, 2011

About me and why I am posting this crap.

Hello reader,

There probably isn't more than one or two bored random folks who will read this, but meh. I feel like posting it anyways.

First of all, real life stuff.  I am married, 2 kids, have manatee for a dog and work in the military.  Been here working around and in the industrial accident/WMD field for a few years. But enough of that.

As for the hobby side of life, I have played assorted and varied RPG's (papaer and dice type as well as electronic) for nearly 30 years.  I have messed around with some miniature war games in that time.  Over the last few years I have taken up playing Warhammer 40k.

I started with Eldar.  Much to the chagrin f a few of the guys at my local shop at the time.  They preached about losing often and painfully.  But after investing a few pounds of flesh and some time in familiarizing myelf with ebay and metal models, I had an army.  Footdar, and I lost with it.  But not as badly as they said, and over the next few months of playing against nearly a diet that largely consisted of  Tau and Space Puppies I turned that win/loss record into a winning record.  Over time I grew out of playing with 3 old metal Wraithlords and their handlers.  Only to fall into playing with more old metal models and an outdated codex.  That's right the internet's most favorite - known by their shiny new 'dex name of Grey Knights.

Yes I play Grey Knights, but I played them for a long while before this new book hit the shelves. You can tell just by the sheer mass of models that I own.  Yes, mass as in weight.  5 in 26 termies, and 5 power armor wearing dudes out of 40 are plastic.  Almost all of them carry halberds, because I am to lazy to remodel them.  I am also looney compared to many of those posting about army builds, I try to stay pure GK, no inquisitors or their insane add-on units of lame-asses assistants.  No thank you, no laser shooting monkey or suicide bomber psyker lists.

So far with the new Grey Knight Dex I am 6/1/0 at assorted points, with one FLGS tournament "overall winner".  Nothing crazy impressive but there are a few possibly thought provoking concepts that have passed my mind that I though I's share.


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