Sunday, May 29, 2011

Responsibilities - a Rant

So, as has been pointed out before by Duke at BoLS, there is a social contract between gamers and shop owners.

And I really am beginning to lose faith in my LGS.  This guy is really beginning to violate his part.  Already he has short hours 10-3 on SATURDAY!? Closed on Sunday-Monday.  I can see 10-3 on Sunday and closed on Monday (that's pretty normal store hours anyways for most small mercantile businesses) by 10-3 on Saturday!?  Really!?  Saturday is the only day that many gamers who do have normal jobs and lives can even think to get out and abut without other prior responsibilities stopping them from happening (married with kids here so I speak from experience).  But in the middle of the day and only for short hours.  Urg.  I understand his motivation, he still works another part time job teaching a college class or two and has a passel of rugrats to corral and usher around, wanting the weekend to be family time is cool, I get it.  But - Why on earth open a small business if you do not want it to be successful?

Here is the list of my complaints - If you are local to me you will know.
1. Quit changing your hours at short notice.  I really dislike waiting an hour since I plan to get to your shop on Saturday morning when it opens so I can get in a full 2500 point game in the few short hours you are open.  And altering your hours from 11-4 to 10-4 to 10-3 to 12-5 to 1030-2 week to week really is beginning to bother me.  Especially as there is little notice beforehand beyond when I am about to enter your ship ans see the open light is not actively flashing.

2.  If you intend to go camping on a Saturday and want to close the shop early, that's cool.  Just please notify me.  You have my email and phone number as well as the fact that you saw me earlier in the week to pick up some stuff I ordered.  I dislike leaving my house to go to a game store that is going to be open for a total of 2 hours.  For that matter Why did you even open the store in he first place?

3. If you intend to run a long term campaign in  your shop, one that involves 15+ players, and charge $35 to be a part of the campaign....please decide on prize support and winner tracking/scoring rules etc before it begins.  Especially don't change or drop the ball every week for the first 5 weeks.  I mean really.  At this point I want my money back, or free entry into a elimination or scored tournament with at least $200 in prize money for first place.

This is nearly your last chance Mr. Shop-Owner, you are a cool guy but I want a place to game.  I'd rather not drive out an hour each way to game but if that is a more reliable option that your currently sorry-sad-face shop, I will.


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