Monday, May 30, 2011

Unit Identification- Paint vs Basing

Okay, Here is the question on my mind today..."How do I differentiate Purifiers from regular GK strike squad models?"  Interceptors are easy, they have a different back pack.  By GW standards Purifiers have white helmets and shoulderpads.  But I am not the best painter in the world and white simply defeats me when it boils down to it.  My vehicles with white sections look like I spilled white shit on them and honestly so do my attempts at making white helmets.  You really need to have steadier hands and painting skills than I have.

I have mostly painted all of my GK models to the norm in the books and based on the old metal model way of black base-->silver/gun metal-->blue wash -->details  for my models.  The purity seals and ribbons are gold with red ribbons instead of the bone white scripture, the blades of my nemesis weapons are black with white scribbles (my attempts at lightning, which may get a make over soon as I saw a good wash over white make nifty looking lightning...forget where, I'll find it and link it). hamfisted paint attempts do not allow much for differentiation by unit type.  I am trying to decide if basing the purifiers differently is enough of a distinction, or if I should get more in depth.  i am thinking of black washing them to nearly all black models while leaving the helmets silver may be a way to go.  Old school circa 2nd ed style.  But do I go that route for my purifiers or my regular GK models?  Everyone has halberds, with the exception of Justicars who have swords and one model has a hammer.

Since I am lazy, how do I go about this?  Do I just wash some models in black?  Or strip down and start over?  Possibly just go through and repaint some areas black?  Maybe something else.  I dunno.  I tried the white helmet and shoulder pad thing and the models look like crap.  The bulk of my army was painted before there was such a thing as Purifiers.  Only the new plastics have been painted up as purifiers.

I'll get some pics up soon enough.


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