Monday, May 23, 2011

Escalation Game #3

Classic easy and simple.  I draw a Chaos Demons player who simply looks at the GKs and nearly throws down his stuff.  He had already lost before he came to the table, in his mind at least.

1750 list adds a LR and purifier squad with 2 incinerators and a staff to the list as well as a psybolt ammo TL assault cannon pred to the table.

Hes running 3 soulgrinders, 3 sets of deamonettes, 3 sets of 3 nurglings, 2 sets of 3 fiends, a fateweaver, and  Scarbrand.  This game is fun, a classic match-up that really is more silly than anything else.  He goes first and has me deploy.  I pick a corner and castle up, knowing that he has little shooty and will need to come to me.  With 2 riflemen and the LR as well as 4 psycannons and the TL assault cannon, he'd have some firepower to contend with on his way to me.

Turn1- he gets his list picks and drops in the 3 soul grinders, 1 set of deamonettes and the three sets of nurglings.  He intends to tarpit me with the nurglings and nuke my armor with the grinders while the rest of his army comes in.    Okay, got it.  His shooting is spectacular as he explodes the Raider, first turn first shot, more on this phenomena in another post.  He also gets an arm off of one of the riflemen dreads.  On my turn the castle opens up and the fun begins.  Purifiers flame and assault a nurgling set, destroying them.  The termies shoot and then assault into a set of nurglings that we poised to tarpit my dreads.  Using the nurglings to catapult my self nearly an extra 12 inches due to assault range, pile in (my termies were spread out far across the back field and only one could get into true base to base), and the following consolidation (in his turn no less), gets them into prime range for the following turn.  I immob one soulgrinder and disarm another.  Go psycannons, and rending STR 7 assault cannon.    In the following turns the game goes even more downhill for him.

He drops in the rest of his list with the exception of Scarbrand, he keeps his distance due to the Warp Quake.  Shooting for him is frustrating, managing to shake or stun my dreads and kill a few others.  He does kill off my purifiers, though.  Running most of his ladies through cover and ready to assault me next turn.

But wait, here comes the fun part.  Some moving and shooting sets up the real entertainment.  I pop one of his grinders and begin trading shots with his immobilized one with a dread (this continues for the remainder of the game).  I shoot a couple of his girls and then multi assault with my termies.  Before he can do much due to psychostroke 'nades I completely destroy 14 or so deamonettes and fateweaver (termies have redeemed themselves).

Next turn sees some manuevering and the coming of a well made Scarbrand.  He proceeds to shoot and breath at my termies killing 5  or so.  Action off center has some nurglings and a squad of deamonettes battling 2 squads of GKSS and my pred.  They make it into assault but get killed in the end.  Power armor for the win.  In the center his gunless grinder assaults but gets wrecked by 3 penetrating hits at I6/STR6 thanks to hammerhand and MoT.  It explodes killing one of the termies.  Next turn leaves Scarbrand assaulting and the his death.  All he has left on the board is an immobilized Grinder and I have the bulk of my army.  He conceeds and that is the end.

At the end of the day 2-1 and I end up taking best overall for wins, painting and sportsmanship.  Cool.  Many lessones learned which I will share in the next post.

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