Sunday, May 29, 2011

Battle Report - -1250 GK vs. Nids

So this weekend, in an effort to get a game in, I motored down to my LGS (see previous post) and was able to squeeze in a small 1250 pt game against a new 'Nids player.

I ran my 1250 list from the Escalation tournament, he ran something like the list below.
2 Primes
4 warriors
20 termagaunts
20 hormagaunts
and a bunch of genestealers (15 I think)

anyways, it was a wash.  Now we had a good time but wiping the floor with his army list would have been more productive.  In the end we talked about using 'nids against GK and what not.  But it seems that he was not the only one losing their insectile Hive-ass to GKs recently.  See Fritz's Game 2 for his lamentations.  Not saying anything about Fritz here , as I learned more about playing Eldar from reading his stuff than I did nearly anywhere else, with the exception of playing one game against "The Major" at a great shop Gamer's Hdeout in Missouri.  Which sadly is a 15 hour drive away now.

Anyways, I spent more time teaching this guy how to use and abuse his army than we did rolling dice.  I guess that's another frustration of a new/small LGS.  Most of the guys there are new players, I'm tired of teaching rules to the enemy as I play, or spending time afterward explaining things that they should know about the basic ruleset.


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