Sunday, May 22, 2011

LGS Escalation Tourney - Game #1

So today I played in a little local tourney.
-3 rounds (750/1250/1750)  respectively
-What was in your 750 had to be in your 1250, but could be upgraded, and like wise for the 1750
-Round 1: 750pts -Dawn of War, 2 objectives (4x4 board this game only)
-Round 2: 1250 - Spearhead 5 objectives
-Round 3: 1750 - Pitched Battle Annhilation

750 List:
Libby with Hammer, MoT, Sanctuary
5xGKSS w Psycannon & 3 halb
5x temies
-thrawn (important later, expensive now)
-psycannon & halb
-2x halb
Rifleman Dread w/ psybolt

Not the most optimized list but able to bring a variety of pain.  Of course I draw a fist full of cheese for a first opponent.  Nice guy, but playing a group of Chaos Space Marine Models and running them under the Blood Angels rules as Fallen Blood Angels.  Whatever.  Due to "Stoopid!" play on my part I loose this one. He had a couple of dreads in drop pods, and a couple of rhinos with troops and a  libraian.  As usual I get 2nd turn (I think I have gone first maybe 2 x out of the last 20 games or so).  He deploys to the reserves and I pile up in my corner near my objective, thinking f walking my termies over to contest his while holding mine with the GKSS in cover, making him come to me thru TLAC and psycannon fire.  He drop pods in the first dread with blood claws nearly on top of me, but also blocking my main avenue of travel through to his objective.  So after he flames my termies (killing 2- this becomes a theme of the day) I proceed to immob and remove an arm from that dread.  Then thinking I'd be a stud I assault his one armed dread with libby and the boys, dropping str 6 hits and the demon hammer.  Well...dice and CRS (Can't Remember Shit) fail me here.  I hit him a couple time and then forget to add in that extra d6 of penetration for the MoT, especially after the Libby fails to hit him with the hammer.  This effectively loses the game for me.  That dread could have easily been avoided as it was now harmless unless it could reach something with a flamer.  It ended with Thrawn running around solo trying to whack his HQ and failing.

So termies...really dissappointed me in some ways today.  You will see why in the next game.  But in game all comes together like it should.

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