Friday, July 8, 2011

40K league/campaign entertainment.

Now there is a new campaign getting started.  One at the new store.  Well, this store is older and far longer established, but new to me after the D-R-A-M-A at the other shop.

Stolen from here, an excellent interactive 40k Map
Anyways, the campaign is similar to a Planetfall game, with the hexes and buildings and all that jazz.  But there are a couple of special rules.  Most basic is that there can be no named characters. 

First is you can get a pair of special characters.  The first is a heavy choice with a Guardsman's stat line that drops D3 large blasts per game with max scatter, 50 points.  The other is the more interesting one.
Stolen from Kingmong at DeviantArt

Take an elite, troop or heavy model.  It cannot be an MC, IC, or vehicle/walker.  It is a basic model, such as a marine or paladin, or guardsman.  It is equipped with basic gear, no upgrades.  Take this and add 115 points to the cost model (say a sergeant in a marine squad) he gains +1T/+1W/+1I/+1Ld (max 10), Eternal Warrior and a 5+ Invul save which does not stack with other Invul saves except the one below.  Pretty cool so far.  Now you get to pick is he shooty or choppy?  If shooty he gains +2 BS and a special weapon that is Str 7 AP 2 Assault 3, losing any assault weapon in exchange.  If assaulty he gains +2WS, a Str 7 power weapon and a shield that gains him an additional +1 Invul save but loses any shooting capability.

You have to name and model said Hero.

Now for the really entertaining part...since I am playing Grey Knights; what sort of unit do I make this guy from?

A paladin for 170pts?  For a WS7 T5 3 wound eternal warrior that strikes at I5 with a str8 (Hammer Hand FTW!) power sword?  Did I mention that it may be a Nemesis Force Sword?  That makes that 2+/4+ save a 2+/3+ in CC.  I still need to clarify with the campaign organizer if they get to keep the Nemesis Force Weapon quality if I go that route.

Or maybe a purgator?  135pts but uses the astral aim power on a str 7 ap 2 assault 3 weapon?

Possibly an interceptor?  Go shooty with him, and run him alongside, but not attached to, a squad of regular interceptors.  Use the gun to open a transport and then flame them with the interceptors.

What do you think?

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