Saturday, July 2, 2011

Army of One Tournament Wrap-up

Well 2-1-0 with that loss being in the third round to the overall big winner is acceptable to me.  18 people showed up, so decent little local tournament.  At the end of round 2 I was 2-0, along with 4 others who were 2-0.  I paired with the local tournament "champion" who regularly goes on to place at 'Ard Boyz and other national level events. pics as I am a dumbass and forgot to take pictures. 

Look at the previous post for my list and a quick overview of the rules. 

Game 1- paired up against an old school marines player who was a gentleman.  He was running something he hadn't before, but was trying out for fun.  List was something like 10x death company assault marines, 2 sang priests, a jump chaplain, 5 jump marines, and a whirlwind.  He split the priests up to run one each with the 5 and 10 groups, attaching the chaplain to the 10 death co.

Scenario was spearhead with 2 objectives.  He couldn't hold an objective (no scoring) so he had to table me or contest both.  I combat squadded everything and ran my Inquisitor with one of my troop squads for the additional psycannon.

I get first turn and pack everything I can into a building in my deployment zone, he spreads out with 5+priest going left, 10+priest and chappy going right.  First turn I use the interceptor's 30" jump to attempt to fry some of them and slow them down.  I know that they will end up getting charged and run over  but it will most likely give me another turn of shooting before they get into assault with my troops or purifiers.  I push everyone else forward for range (24" isn't as far as you think).  Flamers nearly wipe the 5+1 but only get 1of the death co.  I do stun and shake his whirlwind with my dread though. 

I won't go into super detail but he wipes my interceptors with his death co and then proceeds toward my objective.  His other squad gets wiped in combat and my interceptors go on to attack his whirlwind.  Game progresses with my whittling away at his death co, while feeding them a  squad at a time to slow them in hand to hand.  In the end I lose 5 interceptors, 5 purifiers and 2 regular GKs.  He ends up tabled as the hammer works to splat his tank in the far corner. 

Game 2 - Necrons...hehehehee.  He's got a monolith, lord, 5 destroyers and a big blob of warriors.  He's missing an elite and thusly can't place in the tournament but can play for fun.  I get first turn and we are playing pitched battle annihilate with a special bonus.  Pick one of your opponents troop, elite, or heavy infantry models that can be differentiated (not that third bolter SM from the left, but the melta pistol guy).  That guy gets a 3+ I save and if he gets killed the attacker loses a a KP, he's a spy for the attacker. 
Anyways, pretty uneventful.  No combat squadding but everyone gets within range and begins to splat robo-skeles.  His monolith goes down to a lucky psycannon shot from my inquisitor first turn, that's cool.  Otherwise, he eventually goes poof and warps home due to being below 75%. 

Game 3 - IG...ugh!  Tournament Campion kid...ugh!  This game sucked.  Basically he tabled my due to weight of fire.  He had 2 Russes, 3 chimeras and a hel hound with assorted troops.  The number of shots per turn he put out just killed me far faster than I could kill him.  Again the hammer/incinerator wielding interceptors were very valuable, but to no avail.  I couldn't save worth a crap and the psycannons were not worth more than a bolter this game.  I was only able to remove the hellhound and 2 chimeras, as well as some troops.

Overall some good lessons and good games.  More on that later.

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