Saturday, July 2, 2011

Interceptors - Far better than hoped

Interceptor with Incinerator...similar to shouting  "Surprise! Butt Seks!"

 So time for more dissection of the GK codex based upon experience.  This time we are looking at one of the two fast attack choices.  I do not own a Storm Raven as of yet as my model budget has taken a quick dive....but I do have some interceptor back packs.  Which means that I have access to Interceptors.

Stat line wise they are normal marines, jump marines.  Cool, 12" jump style moving for only 6 more points per model than normal Strike Squads.  With the usual options of incinerator for 20, psycannon for 10, daemonhammers etc.  Basically its +6 points per model for GKSS so they are now fast attack/jump infantry. 

I personally perfer to use them as distractors and disruption units.  A single 10 man squad with 2 hammers, 2 incinerators, 8 halberds is invaluable to me.  Today's tournament proved that.  They really earned their points in pulling focus from the rest of the army and breaking formations.

So lets talk a little about tactics.  The incinerator is pure fun.  Jump 30", no scatter, place your other Interceptors to maximize targeting, and its BBQ time.  I opened a chimera with this, not the best thing to use but it is possible.  Even better is that first turn, when everyone is all jammed together in the deployment zone.  Dropping in to flame on turn 1 can change an opponent's tactics by a bunch. Sure, using the 30" jump to get there means you won't be assaulting and will most likely receive that punch in the face you asked for.  It doesn't matter though, 5-10 of these can absorb some shots and possibly live through an assault (you did take halberds right?).  This forces an opponent to deal with the parts of your army that you hand to him on your time.  Keeping them from possibly getting to a more brittle/valuable target that you do not want him to be firing at this turn. 

Want to distract him?  Drop in a single squad and allow him to nuke it off the table.  Sure it just became an expensive speed bump, but with a little forethought on placement and weaponry you may have just forced him to maneuver in way more advantageous to you.

Disruption?  Jump them in a big bunch right in front of his tanks.  This guy will put a stop to any tank and possibly force that commander to divert around you, splitting his forces.

From here on out I will run a minimum of 5 of these dudes.


  1. interesting to see someone using these guys. thanks for the review!

  2. It is interesting how much of a game changer they can be.