Saturday, July 2, 2011

Army of One Tournament

Ok after some time camping Army Style I'm back.

Today is the Army of One Tournament -
1111 pts, one unit for each force org chart (no more than 1 no less than 1) 4x4 tables.

here's the list I'm bringing
-Inquisitor in Termie Armor with hammer and psycannon
-10x GKSS w 7 halb & 2 psycannon
-10x purifiers w 4 psycannon and 5 halb
-10x interceptors with 2 x hammer, 2 incinerators and 4 halb
-Dread with 2x Twin link autocannon and psybolts.

Dread in the corner, Purifiers forward, GK behind with interceptors jumping straight into the mix for a heavy alpha strike if any of his troops are out in the open. 

lets get it on.

With luck I will remember to take some pics.

Battle reports incoming over the next couple of days.

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