Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Battle Report - 1100pts GK vs Dark Eldar

First game of the league- no pics again...on of these days I'll remember that I blog about this stuff while I play.

1100 vs Dark Eldar

My List is as follows-

140pt Special HQ (see last post - as an interceptor + shooting)
2x 5 man GKSS w/ 1 psycannon and 3 halberds
1x 5 man Purifier w/ 2 psycannon and 2 halberds
1x 5 man interceptor w/ 1 hammer, incinerator and 3 halberds
Razorback W/ Psybolt Twin Link Assault cannon
2x Twin Link Autocannon Dreads w/ Psybolts (hereafter referred to as the "Chumps")

His List was -
Talos Pain Engine
1x Raider
2x Ravager
2x Pile of warriors (kitted with splinter cannons)
10x scourges (2 blaster, 2 haywire)
Special HG Shooter (same as mine basically)

So this game was small so we ended up getting Kill Points 12" in from the edge on a 4'x4' table.  River running vertically through it with a building in each quadrant.

He goes first and sets up one squad of warriors dismounted in a ruin to my left and the raiders in the center.  His Scourges take the building to the right and the Talos on the far left. One of his warrior piles goes into a raider with his HQ.

I put one dread on top (tiny 3rd floor) of a building in my left with the HQ on middle and interceptors on the bottom.  One GKSS is for deepstrike (mistake #1 as you will see in a moment), the other goes into the Razorback.  Purifiers go into the Rhino.  These all go behind the building on the left.  The other dread goes into the building on the right as bait and for side shots. 

I fail to seize and we are off.  He pushes forward with the talos and vehicles, scourges jump forward also.  His shooting blows an arm off my Chump on the left and little else.  I move forward on both sides.  Shooting does very little, damages the talos some but has little other effect.  Then the nightmare really begins on his turn 2.

More forward movement....he parks my rhino, kills the HQ, immobilizes my Chump on the right and
kills a couple of interceptors.  My go...I jump forward with the remainder of the interceptors to flame his troops getting out of the raider in the middle.  Troops in reserve continue to eat coffe and donuts.  Chumps do the only useful thing all game here and park the raider, otherwise these guys sucked. Purifiers get out as do the troops in the razorback.  Razor fires on the Talos killing it, need to get another one of these on the board it was well worth the 85 points or so for it.  Troops shoot some warriors in the ruins killing 2 I think.  His guys that piled out of the parked raider get shot up and burned down and assaulted to nothing.

Turn 3 - turning point...kind of.  He continues to fire on me.  His big troops squad vaporizes my purifiers and his ravagers wipe my interceptors.  Scourges pop my Chump on the right.  My other troops squad gets knocked down a little.  On my go....the reserves decide to come in but mishap due to scattering into his scourges.  Really they just ended up seeing the enemy and going back to coffee and donuts.  Old One arm, chump up top fires and knocks a weapon of one of his ravagers.  Razor moves to cover the troops from LOS and the Razor and Psycannon pop his other ravager.  At this point he has a troops pile, scourges, and a mostly functional ravager left.  I have a parked Rhino, a TLAssCannon Razor, a one armed Chump, and 3 GKSS (one psycannon).

Turn 4 - I win ....aka the dice return the earlier crap with goodness.  He moves the ravager and gets close with the scourges to my rhino.  His shooting kills one GK halberdier and stuns my rhino.  Fortitude away the stun and the little Rhino plinks away killing 2 scourges.  Chump up top finally pops the ravager, assault cannon and remaining GKs nuke the scourges forcing them to flee.  And run they do..3d6 running is huge.

What is that you say?  He has only the warrior pile left?  Yes.  Can the hurt AV?  Nope.   His final turn sees the Scourges stun my Razor but flee to within 5" of the edge.  I pile back into the Razor, Fortitude up and just sit out the resto f the game firing into that warrior pile in cover. 

Game ends with me on top: 8 to 5

-Can't rely on the dreads as the primary AV support. 
-Assault Cannon Razorbacks = awesome
-Dark Eldar paper airplanes are more resilient than forseen.

I am on vacation at the beach so not too much to say this week.  But next weekend has 1500 vs Thousand Sons and 1500 vs. Sisters planned.   Maybe another game too.

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